First LTTA in Rzeszów, Poland. June 11-15 2018

Topics covered: Stage I of Supported Employment: Client Engagement.

OBJECTIVE OF THE LTTA: participants have exchanged the know-how and best practices on this first key stage and initial process of getting to know the person, building up rapport and a fruitful working atmosphere based on respect and confidentiality; providing the client-person with disabilities with all tailored information and knowledge to enable the individual to make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to use the supported employment and/or vocational (Re-)Habilitation programme.

Profile of the participants: 4 supported employment specialists (SES) from every partner country who wants to deepen their competences in intercultural context, with at least of 2-year experience working as SES, and share later their knowledge with other SES and potential SES.

Working process and activities during the training:

  • Since the 5-day training was first in our project, in the beginning of the first day the supported employment specialists from partner countries presented their expertise in supported employment and vocational integration of people with disabilities.
  • Exchange of knowledge and best practices in supported employment in Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain – current legal status, problems, services offered, challenges with emphasis on stage I of SE – client engagement.
  • Presentation: Adam Hadław, labour market expert, job coach and former Director of Polish Association of Employers of People with Disabilities.
  • Meeting with supported employment specialist and manager of Vocational Activity Workshop (ZAZ), Agnieszka Niedzielska. Practical information on stage I of SE – client engagement.
  • Workshops: exchange of best practices, how to be effective while working with people with disabilities in each partner country; good advices from practitioners, mistakes to avoid.
  • Meeting with association of deaf and hearing-impaired people – presentation of the activities of RES GEST. Social and vocational integration deaf and hearing-impaired people in Poland. Characteristics of the target group, their needs and challenges;
  • Supported employment for deaf and hearing-impaired people in partner countries;
  • Visiting Social Integration Center in Tarnów – presentation of experiences in deaf client engagement in psychological terms and career counseling. Client engagement in the assessment of deaf clients. Meeting with job coaches working in the Center. Exchange of best experiences.
frascoFirst LTTA in Rzeszów, Poland. June 11-15 2018